Buying real estate using a trust

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Sep 232015

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By G. Steven Bray

For financial planning purposes, homeowners occasionally choose to hold their property in a trust. I’ve had this situation arise several times recently, so it’s a good time to review some of the conventional loan guidelines concerning ownership in a trust.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in the business of lending money secured by real estate. Thus, they must be able to foreclose on the real estate in case the borrower defaults. Thus, a trust used in connection with a conventional loan must be a revocable trust, also known as a family trust. This guideline, revocable as opposed to irrevocable trust, probably stops more loans involving trusts than any other.

Also of consequence is that the grantor of the trust must be a natural person and must be a trustee, and the primary beneficiary must be the grantor. The income and assets of the grantor are used to qualify for the mortgage, and the grantor is liable for repayment of the mortgage.

Finally, it’s important to remember that Fannie and Freddie still do not allow borrowers to title property in a corporation’s name, even a single-member LLC. This is true even if the borrower agrees to be personally liable for the mortgage.