Will your credit score improve with trended data?

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Apr 252016

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By G. Steven Bray

Fannie Mae has announced that this summer it’s going to require that lenders start using “trended” credit data to qualify borrowers. What in the world is trended credit data and how will its use affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage?

Currently, your credit report is a snapshot in time of your credit usage. The report shows your current account balances, limits, and minimum payments. A trended credit report shows how those amounts have varied over the last two years. Thus, it augments usage with insights into your credit habits. Do you pay off your credit cards each month? Do you pay more than the minimum balance? A trended report will reveal these habits.

TransUnion claims credit scores based on trended data will increase the number of what it calls prime and super-prime consumers by more than 3 million. Analysts expect those who pay off their credit card debt every month will see their scores rise. Other winners may include folks whose trended data shows their revolving balances decreasing over time.