Jul 292019

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By G. Steven Bray

As part of property tax reform, the State Legislature this year authorized appraisal districts to email your Notice of Appraised Value instead of mailing out a paper copy.

Don’t worry if you don’t like email, or you prefer paper records. It’s on “opt-in” system. What that means is you have to choose email delivery. It won’t happen automatically.

In order for you to receive emailed notices, you must make a written request to the Chief Appraiser of your appraisal district. The appraisal office will confirm your email address by sending an email to the address you identified.

As a fail-safe, when the Chief Appraiser sends you the Notice of Appraised Value, you have 30-day to acknowledge receipt. If you don’t respond, the appraisal office will mail the notice on the 30th day.

If you want to return to mailed notices, you simply send a written request to the Chief Appraiser to revoke email delivery.

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