Settlement with banks may raise credit scores

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Jul 152015

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By G. Steven Bray

Last week we discussed recent agreements between regulators and the credit bureaus designed to reduce errors on credit reports. A separate agreement in Federal Bankruptcy Court may provide further relief.

Bank of America and Chase have agreed to update borrowers’ credit reports to remove so-called “zombie debts.” These are debts that had been extinguished in bankruptcy but that the banks still are reporting as active debts on consumers’ credit reports. The banks were accused of leaving the debts because they were profiting from the practice. They have agreed to update consumers’ reports within 3 months.

Citigroup and Synchrony Financial (formerly GE Capital) also had been charged in the lawsuit. Citigroup said it has made a proposal to plaintiff’s lawyers that’s consistent with the other banks’ agreement. Synchrony agreed to implement similar terms last year, but only on a temporary basis.