Oct 312018

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By G. Steven Bray

Fannie Mae’s housing index fell slightly last month, but it remains on trend, suggesting the housing market continues to strengthen slowly. The good-time-to-buy component of the index rebounded strongly last month, gaining 5 points. Apparently, the strong economy has buoyed homebuyer sentiment enough to overcome rising interest rates. However, the component still is significantly lower than earlier in the year and is down year-over-year.

The good-time-to-sell component remained flat last month; however, it’s still trending higher and is well within reach of its recent all-time high.

Surprisingly, the components that measure personal finances both fell last month. The net share of respondents who said their income is significantly higher than last year fell by 4 points, and the net share who feel confident about job security fell 1 point. However, this last component is strongly positive (+79%), so the decrease probably isn’t meaningful. The right track/wrong track component widened to 21 points in favor of the economy being on the right track, and that could explain the strength of the good-time-to-buy component.

Neither the home price nor mortgage rate component of the index showed any surprises. Respondents still overwhelming expect home prices and mortgage rates to rise in the next year, and the net share expecting a rise increased for both components last month.

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