Nov 122014

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By G. Steven Bray

If you’re using a USDA RD loan to purchase a home this fall, Fri, Nov 21st is a very important date. At the close of business that day, USDA will stop accepting applications for the remainder of Nov. If your loan has not been approved by USDA, you will need to sign new application documents, and the effect could add a week or two to your loan processing time.

USDA has adopted new regulations for its RD program, and it doesn’t want to maintain two processing systems. Thus, it will stop taking applications after next Fri and clear out its queue. This may not be a trivial task given the backlog of applications in some areas. On Dec 1st, USDA will start accepting applications under the new regulations.

If you have a pending application, check with your lender on its status. If your lender needs any documentation from you, act on that request urgently. The new regulations aren’t likely to harm your chances for approval, but if you have an early Dec contract date, the delay in processing could bust your closing.

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